Your professional partner for underwater operations

The Nautilus Dive Company is an experienced expert when it comes to underwater works. We can look back at twenty years experience of professional diving. This know-how has resulted in high expertise and professional performance under water, which makes us today’s market leader of Austria:

Business manager Markus Distler lists the strengths of the company: ‘Most of our jobs require special equipment, new developments, experience and a top team.’

The wide range of customer requests is emphasized by Markus Distler, business manager and owner of the company: ‘Our orders go from refurbishment of power plants, off-shore steel construction, construction diving, underwater concrete to pipeline engineering. We offer best customer service in all of these fields, this is our special customer service.’

We are experts for the following underwater-works:

Take a closer look at our reference projects and contact us directly - we will be pleased to equip you with further information.